E-Sports-OnlineAcademy connects Coaches and Players all over the world. Worldwide you can find the perfect Coach for your skills. You can improve your skills.

For Coaches

1. Signup and post your service

Get member and post a service offer in accordance with your skills. Be as specific as possible so your clients will know exactly what they are getting for their money.

2. Communicate promptly

Respond to customer enquireies as well as requestes for custom offers, within a resonable time. Good communication is a prerequisite for successful cooperation.

3. Build your reputation

Make sure you treat all of your customers the same and try to provide the best possible service regardless of the transaction value. Satisfied customers will recommend you to their friends.

For Players

1. Choose your game

Signup and choose your favorite game where want to improve your skills.

2. Choose the Coach

Choose the Coach, who best meets your requirements and clarify the details via chat.

3. Get trained and rate your Coach

Make an appointment with your Coach, get trained and evaluate your coach at the end of the training.

Questions and answers

How can I earn money?

Be creative! You can offer different trainings or services for players as long as it is legal and complies with our terms.


How much can I make?

As much as you can. Many coach train different games.


How much does it cost?

To join E-Sports-OnlineAcademy is free. You can list your service for free and keep 80 % of each transaction.

How much time will I need to invest?

It depend on you,  you have to spent some time to understand the marketplace and then you can decide for yourself what service and amount you want to do.


How do I find the price for my service?

With a Gig Package or with single Gigs, you can set your pricing from €5 to €999.


How do I get paid?

When you complete a players order, the money is transferred to your account Players have to pay your transaction fee.

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